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Sliding Glass Impact Doors

If you’ve been looking to upgrade the doors in your home to impact-rated, then let Prestige Home Pros help you find the door best suited for your needs! We have doors that provide hurricane protection, added security, and help with energy efficiency. However, if you are in the market for doors that don’t compromise your views, then we recommend checking out our sliding glass doors! Our sliding glass doors are made of high-quality impact glass that protects against severe weather conditions while providing you crystal clear views of your patio and backyard. Let’s dive into why you should consider sliding glass doors for your door project!

Maximize Your Views

If you’re looking for a product that provides you hurricane protection and maximizes the views of the outdoors, then an impact sliding glass door might be for you! Sliding glass doors helps bring in natural light and improve the view of your backyard. They’re perfect to take advantage of scenic vistas, or if you have a small space and want to make the room look bigger. As mentioned, sliding glass patio doors work well with smaller spaces since they don’t require extra room to operate. They create a seamless flow between interior and exterior spaces. Get year-round views of your patio, garden, the ocean, and more with a sliding glass door!

Energy Efficiency

Have you noticed that in the summer months, you seem to be paying more and more in energy bills? Well, you can thank your non-impact windows and doors since they don’t offer the same benefits that impact products offer. Since impact sliding glass doors are designed with special glass that protects against hurricane winds and other severe weather elements, it offers multiple benefits to homeowners. Depending on the glass type you select, you will notice a decrease and a more consistent energy bill. The glass prevents UV rays from entering and heating up your home, while still allowing you to enjoy the daylight. With impact sliding glass doors, you won’t ever have to overwork your ac unit ever again. You and your family will never have to experience the summer months the same ever again. Impact products like our sliding glass doors will keep your home cool all year round while keeping your energy bill low. Don’t miss out on these impact sliding glass doors and their endless benefits! 

Added Security

We know the importance of keeping your family and home protected at all times. When you upgrade your sliding glass doors to impact, you will never worry about the security of your home again. Impact products offer an additional layer of security and protection that you and your family can count on. It’s important to keep in mind that since these are hurricane sliding glass doors, they are designed to withstand category 5 hurricane winds and severe weather conditions that can damage your home. Potential intruders will have an extremely difficult time breaking into your home. Even if they try to smash your sliding glass door with a bat or crowbar, it will not shatter the glass itself and give them access to your home. You will have some damage from the impact, but even if the glass were to break it would remain together since it’s impact glass. It will be superficial damage, but your home will remain safe and secure against intruders.

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