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We are not like other companies.

Here at Prestige Home Pros, we pride ourselves on offering quality products, excellent customer service, and expert installation to all our customers. When you trust us with your home project, whether it be windows, doors, or roofing, we strive to meet and exceed your expectations. We have set standards and expectations in place to ensure all of our clients are happy throughout their home projects! From your initial consultation to permitting, to installation, and final inspections, you will be taken care of by our Prestige Home Pros team! As your project goes through the different stages and departments, you will be met with our knowledgeable staff that will ensure your project is being worked on to the highest standard, also known as the Prestige Standard. We treat each and every project with extreme care and our priority revolves around customer satisfaction!

Initial Consultation

When you call our office, you will be met by our friendly Call Center Coordinators that will happily take your information and set you up with a free consultation with our professional and knowledgeable sales representatives. Our sales reps will meet you at your property, and take all measurements of any windows, doors, and roofs, you would like an estimate on. Throughout your appointment, they will go into explicit detail about all the products we offer, answer any and all questions you may have, and will also offer advice and recommendations based on your concerns. 


They will also discuss with you the financing options we have available. At the end of your appointment, your sales rep will provide you with their contact information and will send you the estimate within 24-48 hours. Once you sign the contract, your sales representative will highlight every step your project will go through and what you can expect. Even after the initial consultation, our Prestige Home Pros Sales Reps are available to take your calls if you have any questions or concerns at any point throughout your project! We are here for you every step of the way!

HOA Process

Do you live in a community that has a Homeowner’s association? If you do, then you’re aware of the rules and regulations they place on their residents. HOA’s tend to be difficult to work with when it comes to making any modifications to your home. However, with your home project, we have you covered! Now, with any home project we take on, we are required to pull a permit with the city. If you live in a community with a Homeowner’s association in place, then we need to get their approvals on the products and work that will be performed. 


Luckily for you, at Prestige Home Pros, our HOA department will reach out to you for your HOA information. They will handle getting all the approvals that are needed to pull a permit. They will send your HOA our license, and our product approvals, and even send them pictures of our samples. We make sure every step of the process is hassle and stress-free!


Once we receive your HOA’s approval, we can get started on ordering your product. Our Ordering department will work with your sales rep, as well as our measure tech to confirm the measurements needed to order your project. Once they place the order for your project, you will receive an email confirmation from our ordering department. They will also give you a timeframe on when your product will be expected to be delivered to our warehouse. During this time, we won’t be contacting you as frequently since it will be several weeks before we receive your product.


For any home project we take on, we need to pull a permit with the city. If you are caught having work done without pulling a permit, then you can expect a heavy fine by the city. To avoid any issues, we handle all the permit paperwork. Our permit department will contact you and send you the permit application and notice of commencement to just sign and send back. They will also require your driver’s license. 


Once they have all the necessary paperwork for your permit application, they will go to the building department and submit it. It’s important to note that depending on your project and the workload of the building department, it will take a couple of weeks for your permit application to be approved. Once the permit is available and your product arrives at our warehouse, we will schedule your installation. 


At this point, you will receive an exciting phone call from our Project Coordinator letting you know that everything is set to schedule your installation. They will ask for your availability and advise you to move furniture out of the way and to make room for the delivery of your products. You will have professional and expert installers at your property ready to start installing. They will ensure that the products, whether it’s windows, doors, or roof material, are installed correctly.


They install all windows, doors, and roofs with expert precision and immaculate detail. Your home is in the best and most trustworthy hands. All trash from the work performed will be disposed of and our installers ensure that your home is clean after installation. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to your assigned install manager. They will be more than willing to put your mind at ease and answer any concerns you have with your installation.


Any work that we perform on your property needs to be approved by the city. There are two types of inspections that take place during your project: in-progress and final inspection. Our permitting department will call you to notify you when they will be scheduling your in-progress inspection. We will have someone in our office send you the permit packet for the inspections. 


Since our installers are still installing your products, they will be able to show the city inspector the work they’ve done. The city inspector will make sure that all work is up to the city’s standards and regulations. Once the city inspector approves our in-progress inspection, he will sign off on the permit packet itself. 

Our installers will continue to work on your project until everything is installed and nothing is pending. They will also make any final touches. As soon as everything is freshly installed, our permit department will contact you to schedule the final inspection. They typically require someone to be there for the final inspection. We tend to ask the homeowner to stay home on that specific day to meet with the inspector. We will call the city to give you a timeframe on when the inspector will be passing by. The inspector will inspect every opening to ensure everything is up to code. If you’re not able to be available in time for your final inspection, then we will send one of our installers to be there to meet the inspector. Once you pass the final inspection, the inspector will sign off on your permit packet and you will keep it for your records. The permit is now approved and closed. 

Final Walkthrough

For every home project, we require our install managers to perform a final walkthrough with you. At this point in time, you and your install manager will walk through your home, and inspect every opening, whether it be windows or doors, and make sure that you’re satisfied with the work our installers performed. If there are any issues or pending products such as hardware, your install manager will take note and let the office know of your pending items.


Once everything is completed and you’re happy with our work, your install manager will give you a final walkthrough form, where you will sign off as all work was completed. There is a portion where you can leave your comments and feedback. Your install manager will then collect the final payment from you, or our accounting department will reach out and ask you to sign financing forms if you decided to use our available financing options. Now your project is finally complete! You can enjoy the benefits that your new impact windows, doors, and even roof provide! 

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Looking to start your home project? Let Prestige Home Pros help you. Prestige Home Pros is a family-owned company that specializes in residential window, door, and roof replacement. We carry out projects to a high standard, so you can rest assured that you’ll get value for your money. Call us at (866)466-5094 or fill out our contact form to schedule an appointment.