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Are Bifold Doors For You?

Bifold doors aren’t the typical doors that you will find just anywhere. You’ve probably seen them in magazines, at the high-end Italian restaurant around the corner, or even at luxury hotels. Bifold doors are great for patio doors since they help create open spaces in ways that are visually appealing and open up your home in an exciting way! What sets bifold doors apart from traditional doors is that they feature two or more panels hinged together at the ends, so when you slide them open, they fold or stack together and come to rest off to one side. To close them, you simply have to slide the doors from the stack and straighten them out again until it reaches the other end of the bifold door. If you’re looking for the benefits that bifold doors provide, then let Prestige Home Pros highlight them for you!

Impact BiFold Door Replacement

Make The Most Of Your Views

Have you ever looked at your patio or backyard and wished you could enjoy it to the fullest? Are your swing doors or sliding glass doors not giving you enough access to admire your backyard? Then, bifold doors might be the answer to your problems. A major advantage of this type of door is that you can create a whole wall of glass, optimizing both the crystal clear views and daylight. You’ll brighten up your home with both the views and the increased daylight. The best part is that when you open your bifold door, it will not obstruct your view. It will be nicely stacked to one side and out of the way. Many homeowners like these doors because they can help blur the line between the interior and the exterior. Another perk is that if you want to immerse yourself in your patio area, you can! You can simply open your bifold door and step out into your backyard with ease.

Energy Efficiency

To any homeowner, energy efficiency is extremely important since it decreases the amount of energy and money you spend on maintaining your home cool throughout the day. Even though Bifold doors are mainly glass, they are one of the more energy-efficient doors we have available. Since Bifold doors are made with impact-rated glass and not traditional glass, they stop UV rays from entering your home without limiting your daylight. This ensures that your home remains cool all year round without the need to pay more on your energy bills during the summer. Your energy bill will be more consistent and you’ll get to appreciate the savings!

Protect Against Intruders

Your home security is essential in keeping you and your family protected against any possible threat. Luckily, when you choose bifold doors, you don’t have to worry about your home’s defense. Bifold doors are manufactured to protect against hurricane winds and damage. Since the glass and material are different from traditional doors, they are more durable and resistant to any kind of intrusion. Potential intruders will often feel discouraged when they realize that any blunt object won’t help them in their efforts. Even if they manage to damage the glass, it won’t shatter. The adhesive that’s used will keep the glass together and maintain shape and structure. As the name implies, impact glass is meant to protect against any impact whatsoever. You and your family will have the comfort of knowing that your home is secure. Prestige Home Pros will work with you every step of the way on your door project! 

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