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Why Single-Hung Windows are Ideal for Your Home

Are you looking to replace your current windows with impact-resistant products, but don’t know where to start? Finding the right product that fits your needs and style can be tricky, but Prestige Home Pros can help you transform your home with quality impact products, professional installation, and expert service! Single-hung windows offer a variety of benefits that you and your family can enjoy. Read on to learn why Impact Single Hung Windows are perfect for you and your home.

Benefits of Single-Hung Impact Resistant Windows

Impact-resistant windows are ideal especially when you live in South Florida. During hurricane season, which starts on June 1st to November 30th, you can expect several tropical storms to form and wreak havoc on your home. It’s crucial to have the hurricane protection and security that impact-resistant windows provide. Here at Prestige Home Pros, we offer a variety of impact products for you to choose from, with an array of customizations and styles available to you! If you’re in the market for impact windows then look no further, single hung windows can be perfect for your project!

Space Saving

Impact single-hung windows are easy to open and they have a single operating sash that allows fresh air into your home. Not only will you enjoy natural airflow in your home, but you and your family can appreciate the views that single-hung windows offer. Since single-hung windows don’t open outward, you can install them practically anywhere, including near pathways, entryways, hallways, and landscaping. One of the perks of single-hung windows is that they don’t take up space and are perfect for installing in smaller rooms, like bathrooms, and guest rooms.


The best part about impact products is that they don’t just offer hurricane protection, but they have a variety of benefits that we will be covering. One of the main benefits that most consumers look for whenever it comes to improving their homes is security. Single-hung impact windows protect your home from any possible intruders. Since these are impact products that protect against category 5 hurricanes, it’ll be extremely difficult for intruders to break into your home. The glass itself can withstand a lot of pressure, so even if they try to break the glass, it wouldn’t give them access to your home. The single hung windows each come with one lock which makes it easier for customers to remember to lock and secure their windows. When you upgrade your windows to impact-rated products, you will have the comfort of knowing that your home will have that added security and protection all year round!

Energy Efficient

In South Florida, we are known for a lot of things: beautiful beaches, diverse culture, mouth-watering food, hurricanes, but most of all the sun. We aren’t called the sunshine state for nothing. In the summer months, we tend to experience hotter temperatures around 80 to 90 degrees. Even though it’s nice to enjoy the hot weather in the summer, it does cause concern for many Florida residents. When you think of your home, you know it’s your sanctuary; a place where you can unwind, relax and be comfortable. However, you will find instances in the summertime, where you are turning on your ac more frequently or dropping it to more suitable temperatures to maintain the house cool and refreshing. By using your ac systems more frequently, you find yourself paying higher energy bills. This is because it takes more time and energy for your ac unit to cool your home.


However, you don’t have to settle for paying high energy bills just to keep your home cool during the summer months. We have the perfect solution for you! Single-hung windows, just like the other impact products we offer, will help keep your home cool. By replacing your windows to impact rated, your energy bill will not go up, but will actually go down. You will find yourself paying less in energy bills when you make the switch to impact-rated products. Wondering how it works? Impact windows have a different glass type than the traditional windows that you have in your home. With Impact Single-hung windows, they reflect the harmful heat and UV rays from entering your home. The glass itself is designed to reduce energy requirements for heating and cooling your home. Even though the glass keeps the harmful UV rays from entering your home, it doesn’t stop the direct sunlight from brightening your home. The best part of the impact products we offer is that they are customizable! If you want a particular glass type like laminated or insulated, we got you covered! We also offer different tints for you to choose from. With any of the selections you make, you will see only benefits, from hurricane protection, and security, to energy efficiency!

Hurricane Protection

At Prestige Home Pros, we only offer our clients the best quality impact-resistant products in the market! We pride ourselves on helping our clients get the hurricane protection they deserve. Just like our other impact products, our single-hung windows are equipped to withstand up to category 5 hurricane winds. In South Florida, hurricane season causes a lot of our residents to panic and frantically look for impact windows. However, waiting for a hurricane to form to start your window replacement project is not recommended or ideal. Many factors such as lead times, lack of supply due to increased demand, and shipping, can cause delays in receiving products on time. We encourage our clients to start their window project at the beginning of the year and not wait till June when hurricane season starts. Usually, the panic sets in for most Florida residents because they aren’t prepared and don’t have impact-resistant windows in their homes. Have peace of mind knowing that your family and home are protected during hurricane season when you start your home renovation project with Prestige Home Pros.

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