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Ready to Switch to Impact Horizontal Sliding Windows?

Have you ever wondered about the security of your home? Living in South Florida, you must have thought to yourself, “is my home protected against hurricanes?” Hurricane season raises concerns with homeowners especially when it comes to the protection of their homes and the safety of their families. Here at Prestige Home Pros, we make sure that your concerns are heard and your needs are met with only the best hurricane-protecting products! If you’re contemplating making the switch to impact-rated products, then you’ve come to the right place! Prestige Home Pros will show you the products we provide, and the available designs, and walk you step by step on what to expect when you start your window replacement project with us! Let’s show you why Horizontal Sliding Windows are right for your home! 

Why Choose Horizontal Sliding Windows?

We know that you want the best for your home, the best product, the best company, and the best service. You can trust that Prestige Home Pros will work with you in choosing the right impact windows and styles best suited for your home. We have all window types like casement, picture, awning, and horizontal sliding windows available for you to choose from. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that you’re not limited in your window selection. If you’re searching for a window system that is easy to use, provides added security, and doesn’t take up much space, then we recommend the Horizontal sliding windows for your window project!


One of our top products that are commonly installed in South Florida is the Horizontal Sliding Window. For many people, impact sliding windows are a great option since they’re very easy to open, especially when compared to crank windows. Horizontal sliding windows have a sash that slides either left or right. Since they don’t need space to swing open or closed, they’re perfect for rooms that face walkways, patios, porches, or driveways. You have two options for impact sliding windows: single or double. With the single slider, only one sash opens. With the double slider, both sashes will open, which is great for maximizing ventilation in a room. If you choose horizontal slider windows for your window project, you won’t be disappointed. You will enjoy the benefits that we list down below!

Curb Appeal

If you’re looking to improve your home’s curb appeal, then switch to impact-rated windows. Here at Prestige Home Pros, you can expect beautiful designs, stunning glass, and quality window frames. Our clients have multiple options to choose from, whether it be in glass type, configuration, or tint color, we have it all! You will never feel limited in your window replacement project! With your ability to customize your windows with designs, your home will stand out compared to your neighbors’ homes! Your home overall will have a more modern look with these beautiful horizontal sliding windows! If you want to be the talk of your neighborhood and receive compliments on how breathtaking your home is with these newly installed windows, then choose a frame color that will truly compliment your home and glass! We have bronze, white, and clear anodized aluminum finish available for you to choose from! Not only will your curb appeal improve, but so will the property value of your home! Don’t miss out on the benefits of impact-resistant windows!


Protecting your home is a crucial priority for you. That’s why when you switch to the impact horizontal sliding windows, you’re home will be secure all year round. Impact products add another layer of protection to your security. The glass that is used in impact-resistant products isn’t like the traditional glass that you see in non-impact windows. In fact, they are more durable, stronger, and heavier.


Impact Horizontal Sliding windows are produced to protect your home in the event of a hurricane or a tropical storm. However, the benefits of horizontal sliding windows are not limited to solely hurricane protection, but against potential intruders. The safety of your family is of utmost importance that’s why we recommend to all our customers to secure their homes with horizontal sliding windows. If an intruder tries to break into your home, they will most likely attempt to break a window to gain access to your home. Unfortunately, for them, they won’t have much luck. They might use a bat or some other type of blunt object to try and shatter the window, but it won’t work. Impact products are meant to resist immense pressure and category 5 hurricane winds. The potential burglar may try and break the glass, but the most damage they will do is crack the glass. Your horizontal sliding windows will remain intact, even if the glass is cracked. When you choose impact-rated products for your home, you’ll have the peace of mind that your home is protected at all times.


If you’re considering updating your windows to impact-rated, we understand that your concerns fall under security and hurricane protection. However, are you aware that the benefits don’t stop at hurricane protection? If you want to enjoy the beautiful weather we have in South Florida, you can open the horizontal sliding window and enjoy the fresh air in your home. Depending on the configuration you select, you can increase the amount of airflow that will enter your house.

Energy Efficiency

Protecting your home against hurricanes is crucial, but did you know that impact-resistant products can help you save on energy bills? When you replace your windows with impact horizontal sliding windows, you can expect to pay less on your energy bill. The materials that are used to produce impact windows are not the same as those used for traditional windows. Since impact windows are created to protect against hurricanes, the materials used are sturdier and stronger than the ones for non-impact. However, the benefits of impact windows don’t stop at hurricane protection. Now, the glass used in impact windows is designed to let daylight into your home but stops any UV rays and heat from entering.


The impact windows keep your home cool and unaffected by outside weather and temperatures. In South Florida, specifically in the summer months, we experience a rise in temperature and heat making homeowners overwork their ac systems to maintain their homes cool and comfortable. This results in high energy bills. However, when you make the switch to impact products, your energy bill will be consistent all year round. Since impact windows prevent heat and UV rays from entering your home, you will never have to worry about your energy bill increasing. If you’re looking to make your home more energy-efficient, then start your impact horizontal sliding window project today!

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