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Let Pivot Doors Transform Your Home!

Are you looking for a door system that is easy to use, provides hurricane protection, and gives your home a new sleek look? Then, you should check out our pivot doors! Pivot Doors aren’t like traditional doors that just swing in and out. The way pivot doors are designed, they aren’t hinged to one side like typical swinging doors. Instead, they have a single pivot point, or spindles at the top and bottom that allows it to swing inward, outward, or both. Since the weight is distributed evenly due to the spindle, you can have wider, taller, and even heavier pivot doors. This allows you to have a grand entrance that will brighten up the overall look of your home! You will never have to compromise your style when you choose Prestige Home Pros for all your home improvement needs!

Impact Pivot Door Replacement in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach.

Improve Your Home Security

Wouldn’t you want your home to be secure and protected not only for hurricane season but all year round? Then, you should consider upgrading your doors to impact pivot doors! The impact pivot doors we offer fortify and enhance your home’s overall defense and security against potential intruders. The material that is used to manufacture impact pivot doors is durable and more resistant to any type of impact. They are made to withstand category 5 hurricane winds and any other severe weather conditions. Potential intruders tend to force their way in through either the front door or back door or even break the glass of the door to gain access to your home. However, impact doors like the pivot doors are created to withstand any type of blow or any objects being thrown against them. Even if the potential intruders manage to crack the glass, since it’s impact resistant, the glass will remain in one piece. So you can rest assured that you and your family are protected and safe against any break-in.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Are you tired of fluctuating energy bills, especially during the summer? Then, you should consider updating your home with impact products. Impact windows and doors offer an array of benefits to homeowners like you! You’re probably aware of the extremely humid and hot weather we experience in South Florida, especially during the summer months. During the summer, we consume more energy and electricity to maintain our home cool and refreshing. Since your traditional windows are made with regular glass, they don’t stop UV rays from entering and heating up your home. This forces you to overwork your ac unit. However, impact glass is designed to limit and reduce the amount of UV rays entering your home, while still letting the natural daylight in! You will no longer pay ridiculously high energy bills when you update your windows and doors to impact. You can expect lower and more consistent energy bills all year round!

Transform Your Curb Appeal

Does your home look like it needs a makeover? Then, let Prestige Home Pros help you transform your overall curb appeal with these stunning impact pivot doors. Pivot doors are sure to make your home stand out and give your entryway an elegant and sophisticated look. Your friends and neighbors are sure to compliment your new impact-rated pivot door! Since pivot doors aren’t commonly found in most households, they will give your home a sleek and modern feel, and will be a great conversation starter! We have available designs and materials to help you find the right pivot door for you that will match your style!

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